Profit from Advertising our Hotels Online!


Q: What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an independent organization or person, who is willing to promote Original Group Brands, in exchange for a commission of a reservation made and paid, as a result of your online promotional efforts.

Q: How much time is required to get started?

It takes only a few minutes to sign up, and after is up to you. If you are familiar with HTML and Copy & Paste, you should be able to get your first link loaded in only a few minutes.

Q: Are there requirements to be an affiliate?

Affiliates must have a valid web site address, blog, social media account and a valid email address in order to participate.

Basically, you qualify if you are:

  • A Travel Agent who wants to increment his/her profits, even without having a webpage**

  • A Social Club Owner, a Blogger or an Opinion Leader in any website or Social Media network who has considerable traffic and wants to benefit from it.

  • A professional Affiliate

  • A person/company with an online network that displays content related with our original concepts, and intends to make money with it.
    Note that’s we may review/reject/accept any application for any reason. We strive to bring in quality sites to our network.
    ** We expect that all affiliates would be using the affiliate tools online, websites or any social media

Q: How does the affiliate program work?

It takes only a few minutes to sign up, and after is up to you. If you are familiar with HTML and Copy & Paste, you should be able to get your first link loaded in only a few minutes.

Q: Is there a cost to be an Affiliate?

No. Our Affiliate Program is free.

Q: What am I responsible for as an Affiliate?

You are responsible for installing and updating AFFILIATE TOOLS on your site through our Affiliate Program site. This website provides you with all the necessary tools and support you need. We handle all reservations, billing and customer service.

Q: Does my web site qualify to become an Affiliate?

Most sites will qualify for the Affiliate Program. However, we do reserve the right to refuse membership to a site or revoke a site´s membership at any time.

Q: Can I become an affiliate if I live outside the United States?

Yes, you can. Our website is available just in English and Spanish.

How does the Affiliate program track the sales and the leads on the Web?

We use cookies to track leads and sales through affiliate´s websites. The cookies are only used to identify affiliate generated sales, and we do not collect any other information for any other purpose with these cookies. Upon an event, such as a lead or a sale, we are able to determine the total amount of commission paid to the affiliate, and the affiliate that was responsible for that sale.

Q: How does the Affiliate program know which affiliate to credit for which sale?

Since each link redirects to the Original Group websites, we are able to match up at the event of a sale or lead, the affiliate who caused the action. Each lead comes with the Affiliate ID to be identified.

Q: What about the customers who don't have cookies turned on in their browser?

Our research indicates that nearly 99% of internet users have cookies enabled on their browser. Cookies are an integral part of the web, and aid in the creation of e-commerce websites, user-friendly websites, and other customized sites. In the uncommon event, however, that a customer has cookies disabled on their browser, the customer is not available for tracking, and sales will not be tracked.

Q: When cookies are used, what information is available?

We do not profile customers, aggregate data for analysis on customer preferences, or store any customer data. We use cookies solely for the purpose of providing an affiliate management solution, and only generic information about a customer is used.

Q: How long do you track the cookies?

Every customer that you refer to our websites can grant you a commission no matter if they don’t book their stay with us right away, since we track all clients you send our way for 1 year, which ensures a long term opportunity to win business, this is more than three times longer than comparable programs.

Q: What kind of computer or technical skill is needed to be an affiliate?

Affiliates will need to be somehow familiar with HTML, so that they can correctly Copy & Paste the linking codes from the Affiliate Program, and place it within a web page, or within the body of an email message. You can hire or consult a webmaster

Q: Can a web site outside the United States be an Affiliate?

Yes. We invite applicants from around the world to take advantage of this program. However, users that book online must pay in USD. All commission payments to Affiliates will also be in USD.

Q: Can I participate in other affiliate programs?

Yes. Participation in our Affiliate Program does not limit you from participating in other web sites Affiliate Programs.

Q: How does your commission structure work?

We pay a base rate of 10% commission on the net revenue generated from the hotel room rate, excluding other services added. Commissions are only paid on those sales that result in a effective stay.

Q: What is an effective Stay?

Is any reservation that results in an actual stay by the guest at the hotel. We have in-house reporting that confirms if and when each hotel sale concludes. Original Group will not reward on any bookings that have a travel agency IATA reference and/or stay certificate.

If a customer cancels their reservation or does not visit the hotel on the day of their intended stay, Original Group will not award commission on the transaction.

Q: How will I know if and when my sales are supposed to conclude?

Check your reports, the date in which every reservation is scheduled to conclude is included in the reporting. If you need assistance with locating this information, please contact us and we will help you locate it.

Q: When do I get paid?

After we have verified that the hotel guest has stayed at the resort, your commission will be paid to you. We do wire transfers in a monthly basis.

Q: How and When will I be paid for my generated sales?

We issue payments via WIRE TRANSFER the last week of each month.

For example, if an affiliate earns a commission by the end of February, they are paid on March 20th. We have to allow time for reservation department to review effective reservations.

VERY IMPORTANT: we take as EFFECTIVE RESERVATIONS, when customers already stay and check out in the property.

Q: Do I need to send an invoice to receive my commissions?

Yes. Due to the tax code in Mexico, invoices must be submitted to receive payment for your commissions.

Q: How do I get promotional asset and links

Once you are accepted into the program, you will gain access to our Affiliate PROGRAM TOOL area which contains an automatic generator with banners and text links and Booking engines.

Q: Can I use images and content from your website?

Please use the content, images, banners and links provided to you from our affiliate Program site. Use of any other content on our site is strictly prohibited, unless prior written approval has been granted. If you see something specific on the site you would like to use, just contact us! You´ll find everything in: For videos:

Q: What kinds of products can I promote on my website?

Content related with our original concepts, and intends to make money with it.

Q: Do you allow trademark bidding?

Bidding on the trademark DESIRE RESORTS, DESIRE CANCUN, DESIRE PEARL, TEMPTATION CANCUN, and similar words or misspellings are also FORBIDDEN.
Buying domains including the brand name and misspellings are NOT allowed. (Affiliates not complying the above will be rejected from the program)